Developed in collaboration with nationally recognized immunology thought leader Samuel F. Yanuck, D.C.+, the PureResponse exclusive includes the following resources:

  • Self-Tissue Response Road Map
  • Clinical Protocol
  • Foundational and Targeted Support Products
  • Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Assessment and Monitoring Recommendations
  • Case Studies

Partnership with Cogence®

The Cogence® and Pure Encapsulations® partnership provides practitioners with a turnkey solution for helping to reset patients’ immune balance and responsiveness. To help you better understand the interconnection of each biological process to the immune system, Pure Encapsulations has made an exclusive commitment to provide full access to Dr. Samuel Yanuck’s Cogence® Immunology course and educational tools, assuming the full cost of membership.

PureResponse Protocols

PureResponse Brochure

PureResponse Videos

PureResponse Quick Class

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+Dr. Samuel F. Yanuck is a retained advisor to Pure Encapsulations®.
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